Friday, November 1, 2013

So what is a Challenge Group?

You have made a commitment to join a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals to transform your lifestyle. You are ultimately going to learn the value of proper, balanced nutrition and the importance of staying physically active for both your mind and body. You've taken the first step by joining us in the Challenge and I will be with you every step of the way. Unfortunately, I can't physically be with you each and every day, though we will check in daily throughout the challenge.

             I'm going to be sharing my time and energy to help you succeed, and in return I'm asking you to post in the Facebook Challenge Group daily, or at minimum, every other day. You may be thinking that is redundant as the majority of your posts will be similar, or perhaps you are wondering why it is important?

Here are a few reasons:
 1.   It helps me as your coach stay informed of your progress and your          challenges so I can help you through them. Its important to be  
       honest and ask for help when you need it.

 2.   It inspires others in the group. (For example- maybe you are 
       thinking of skipping your workout today and can come up with a            million reasons why you deserve a day off...but then you get tons
       of notifications throughout the day and read all about Suzy, and              Jimmy, & Jenna, each one posted about how they just worked 12           hours and were exhausted and still came home to workout and               actually felt great afterward or maybe they posted they had a
        headache but pushed through it only to find that by the time they finished their workout, the
        headache was gone. I bet after reading posts like that, you are much more likely to suck it
        up and get that workout in. I can guarantee you the only workout you will ever regret is the
        one you didn't do.

3.    For your own accountability- just knowing throughout the day that you will be updating
        us on your efforts that day, may be enough motivation to make good choices.

And just to clarify, I am not asking you to post a book or even a paragraph every day. A simple line or two highlighting your successes and/or your struggles that day is perfect~ Did you stay on track with your clean eating? Did you drink your shake? Did you do your workout?  Have you consumed half your weight in ounces of water today?
This is so important to your success. Even if towards the end of this challenge every other challenger has fallen off the face of the earth, it should still be you and I posting back and forth every single day, all the way to the end. Deal?

Now lets talk a little more about commitment. No one is forcing you to do this right? I did beg you to join me on my journey to happy and chose to engage yourself in this group because you want to change. You want results. Maybe you want to lose 50 lbs, or only 10? Maybe you are diabetic and would really like to eventually be able to come off your meds? Maybe you are out of shape and want to get active, perhaps even check that 'run a marathon' off your bucket list! Whatever that reason, you should be able to clearly define it at all times. Keeping your WHY in front of you at all times is important to staying on track. Know your goal, write it down, post it everywhere (on your fridge, on the dash of your car, in your bathroom on the mirror, on the bed stand next to your pillow) You should be constantly reminded of why you are in this Challenge.
If you're ready for change, ready to meet the New and IMPROVED you, and are willing to do whatever it takes you must adopt the "No Excuses, Just Results" attitude. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. Here's my promise to you...

Click the link ---> Challenge Commitment and Goals, and submit this to me prior to our first official day on Monday. I can't wait to take this journey with you!

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