Friday, December 6, 2013

How to get motivated, and STAY motivated!

   I know, I know....LIFE has gotten in the way blah, blah, blah. Wrong! You have allowed other things to be more important, accepted and justified your excuses, and maybe you're even back to square one. Guess what?!? It doesn't matter! Say it with me, "IT DOESN'T MATTER" Tomorrow is a new day and yesterday is gone. Now what will make this time different. Here's a little secret...

     Day after day, working out can feel like a drill. Yet fitness devotees somehow muster the motivation to get exercise regularly. Here are some of their tricks. Apply them you will (almost) never miss a workout again! Despite what you may think, the trick to exercising regularly isn't finding your inner enforcer. Rather, it's getting creative and tapping your natural motivations. Here is some insight on what has worked for me to get me to work up a sweat almost every day These are my top 5 stick-with-it solutions and failproof favorites...

1. Don't put away your gear.
From the moment you get up, you should have exercise on the brain. How do you make sure of that? Ensure that the first things you see are your sneakers and workout clothes. Have them next to the bed in plain sight. Place your dumbbells right where you can see them in the bathroom, and a balance ball, bands, and a Shakeo cup strategically placed throughout the house. Forgetting to exercise will never be a problem.

Why it works: Visual cues are a wake-up call to your brain. We all have competing priorities like work, family, chores. Sometimes we need a reminder to keep working out at the forefront.
Do it yourself: If you don't have the space to display your gear (or if it'll mess with your decor), choose just one or two prime locations that you'll never miss. Better yet, pick places where you spend a lot of time and can use the equipment, like by the TV or the phone.

2. Invest in more workout clothes.
For years, I owned only one sports bra. I didn't want to spend the money, I admit it. Then one day I realized that this was a barrier to me working out: My usual excuse was that it wasn't clean (ha!) So I went to the mall and loaded up on bras -- and cute tops and shorts. Now I workout 6 days a week.

Why it works: Having the right clothing doesn't just remove a hurdle; it reinforces your identity as an exerciser. And when exercising is an integral part of your identity, it isn't optional anymore. It's just part of your life...Plus, you've got to wear those adorable new workout clothes somewhere LOL!!
Do it yourself: My advice? Stock up on at least a week's worth of gym outfits. Think of it as spending now to save yourself grief later. To truly simplify your life, you may want to get several of the same tops and bottoms. Look for basics that are comfy and show off your assets -- whether that's your shoulders or your soon-to-be abs -- that way you feel good just suiting up.

3. Log your workouts online.
A surprising thing happened when I started to post my workout routines on Facebook: Old friends from high school whom I haven't seen in years began writing comments. At first they just congratulated me, but now we've bonded over this and they're my biggest cheerleaders. In fact, if I don't post a fitness update for a few days, they demand to know what's going on.

Why it works: Social networking sites like Facebook offer an extra layer of social support. You've got potentially all of your online contacts holding you accountable.
Do it yourself: Choose a social platform or online fitness tool (utilize your account!!). Then get in the habit of chronicling your progress after your workout so that your friends know when you usually exercise -- and when you've slacked off. Post your minutes, your miles, or whatever motivates you most.

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