Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Sale is Here!

Once a year Team Beachbody puts together some hot summer deals....
It's time for me to let you know about a little secret!  How many times have you visited my blog and have considered joining a challenge group but have not pulled the trigger for one reason or the other?!  Or maybe you are a customer of mine and you are in a challenge group and are looking for your next fitness program!  Either way today Team Beachbody is launching a HUGE summer sale!  They are discounting programs and accessories to make your summer even sweeter!  Seriously, there is no reason why you can't get in the best shape of your life or even be well on your way to getting there!!!  As a Beachbody Coach it is my job to match you up with a fitness program that meets your needs and nutrition and tips to keep you focused on reaching the goals that we set together for you!  Customization is key!  You are the not the same as your BFF or neighbor, thats what makes having a coach so great!

So, I have challenge groups starting on the 9th of June and the 30th of June!  If you have been wanting to take that leap of faith... now is the time! To sweeten the deal we have some amazing programs on sale this month!

THE SALE WILL START ON OR AROUND JUNE 4TH AT 3 PM EST AND WILL END ON MONDAY JUNE 9TH AT 3 PM EST.   You most definitely do not want to delay!  Make sure you let me know when you place your order and if I can provide you with guidance support or questions to get you up and running!

Also if you have ever considered becoming a coach or you are interested in getting a 25% discount now is the time!  You get to take another additional 25% off the sale price as a coach!  No pressure to sell, no minimum monthly requirement!  Just ask me about how to sign up as a coach before you order!

Check these out:

If you are interested in ordering please visit THIS LINK!! 

Need help, please email me ;)! 

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