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How I got my results with Hammer & Chisel in 1 month #realtalk

What happens when you get brave and post your results to social media after getting insane results doing Beachbody's newest program Hammer & Chisel?  Well, the unthinkable. Never in a million years did I realize that so many people would be inspired by little ol' me, mama of 4, teacher, bakery owner, cake decorator from small town Pennsylvania. That post I guess went viral?! I don't even know. I just know that my life has been a whirlwind and my phone has been going bananas ever since haha!!

I've received hundreds of friend requests form around across the US and Canada, messages filled up my inbox. Many people have commented on my photo results, sending me notes of encouragement, congratulations, virtual high fives, and genuine surprise at the possibilities from this program in such a short time.

In addition to the outpouring of support, naturally many of you have had questions. Many of those questions have been the same so I thought I could put them all together in one place. If you are going to invest in yourself, I want you to get the best results possible. I am not a nutritionist, or an expert by any means, but I am more than happy to share my thoughts, tips, and recap of the month. If I can help one person change their life, it will be worth it!!

So if you have the program, you know that it requires a weight bench (or stability ball) and free weights as well as a pull up bar or resistance bands with an over the door attachment. Use what you have by all means, but if you are in the market for any of these things, here's what I have:

Adjustable Weight Bcnch

I got it on Amazon with free shipping of course (I love Prime!) It is easy to adjust and stores away easily when not in use. Also it is very sturdy, which is important with a lot of these moves.

Free Weights/Dumbbells

You need a variety of dumbbells for this program. I have  few sets, but not all. So we invested in a set of adjustable dumbbells that adjust from 5-52.5 lbs. I love them! Not cheap but they take way less space than an entire set of dumbbells!

Pull Up Bar

Ok, mine  is nothing fancy. $20 at Walmart and my hubby uses it too. Has not damaged the walls at all (bonus!)

Now...I cannot do a pull up or chin up. Not even 1, even after a month of the program. So I had to purchase a pull up assist to help. They are STILL hard, especially the last few reps, even with the assist. But I am noticing improvement. If I can do 1 regular pull up by the end of this program,  I will be thrilled!

So now that we have discussed equipment, let's talk weights.  I started out doing upper body at 10-12.5 lbs. I starting bumping my weights up in week 3. I am now using mostly 20s for upper body. Lower body, I started with 15 lbs, and have bumped up as well. Now at 25 or 30s. I think this has helped my results. Honestly. You have to push yourself. Not injure yourself though. Be smart, please. Start out slow and you will surprise yourself with how much improvement you will see after just 2 weeks.

Do the workouts. Follow the calendar. I did it to a "T". No missed workouts, rested on rest days, do the extra ab videos when it says. Don't skip the stretching at the beginning or end of the workout. I did not purchase the Deluxe kit ( I wish I had). If you have it, by all means, add those in!!

The performance line is new to Beachbody. It is optional, but I highly recommend it. Yes, all 5 products. Even the creatine as a woman!! I am taking them all.
What's so special about this line?
  • Developed by Harvard-trained scientists using cutting-edge sports science and nutrition research.
  • Packed with ingredients and plant-based phytonutrients that have been scientifically shown to work.
  • Formulated at clinically effective ingredient levels scientifically shown to make a difference in energy, focus, stamina, strength, and recovery.
  • No gimmicky ingredients just sprinkled in to sound important, but are ineffective. Just powerful ingredients at the right doses, shown by science to help accelerate your results.
What's holding you back from the results you want? Are you tired and sore? Hitting a wall too soon? Can't recover fast enough? Now, get ready to blast through your toughest workouts. To absolutely crush every goal. Because Beachbody Performance is taking the supplement industry...and turning it on its head.
With this line, you will get:
  1. More energy and endurance
  2. Better focus to push harder
  3. Less exercise-induced muscle soreness
  4. Faster recovery times
Honestly, if you are serious about getting the best results possible, you need this line! Now if is a bit much for you to get the whole line, if I were to choose 2 products that I believe impacted me the most... it would be the Energize and the Recover. The pre and post workout. You can actually get them in a bundle WITH the Hammer & Chisel program if you don't have it yet!! Or you can get a stack of both on their own here.

Now, remember, these supplements DO NOT count as containers for Hammer & Chisel. They are considered free!

Am I drinking Shakeology as well? Yes!! I wouldn't miss it. . I actually mix my creatine in with it and sometimes the post workout as well. It counts as 1 red container daily and since I get 4, it works out well!

So we talked workouts, we talked equipment, we talked supplements... but the biggest part of this transformation I have to credit to these little colorful containers.
So each day you get a certain number of each of these containers filled with foods from the approved list provided with the progra

The number of containers you get is determined by a calculation you do based on your start weight, activity level daily (outside of the workouts), and your goal with the program to gain muscle or lean out. Once you perform this calculation, you end up with a daily calorie target. Now don't worry, you don't have to count any calories with this program. The target simply helps you select a bracket. When I performed the calculation, I got a number of 1530. 
These are the brackets:

As you can see, 1530 fell into Plan B. However, I decided to bump down to Plan A. I'm not saying to bump down a bracket from where you fall, but if it's borderline, perhaps consider it. So I get 3 greens, 2 purple, 4 reds, 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 2 tsps. daily.

I eat a lot of the same things. It works for me. As you read earlier, I am a busy working mom so I have to keep it simple LOL. If you're just starting out with clean eating and this lifestyle, I highly suggest it. If not you will burn out quickly and are more likely to revert to old habits. So I prep Sundays and Wednesdays for 3-4 days at a time. This is crucial. I plan 1 cheat meal a week. I also track my containers using the 21 day fix app to ensure that I get them all in and don't go over. I drink water like it's going out of style. Nothing else, except my shake, mixed with water LOL. I don't do coffee or hot tea, so its just plain water.

Here is a sample of one of my meal plans. FYI- I don't eat seafood, so I pretty much eat a ton of chicken. Chicken breasts, chicken sausages, and ground chicken. I'm not a huge egg fan, but I do eat them scrambled with spinach for breakfast as long as I have hot sauce.  

If you are considering doing this program, I would love to do it with you. I am actually kicking off another round February 1st!! Fill out the application below to send me your info.  I'll support you all the way! Together we are better:

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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