Monday, August 8, 2016

Tenley's tough break

Our life... never a dull moment. Never. And with 4 kids. It's bound to happen. And honestly this is not our first broken bone(s). Jaxon suffered a broken clavicle last July after falling down the stairs at his Nana's while running in his socks. So 2 down, 2 to go I suppose.

But this gal, she's Ms. Active. Our future Olympic swimmer. If she's not in the pool, she's on the trampoline or doing cartwheels, or standing on her head. So this doesn't really come as a surprise. But lots of you have asked, so here's what went down.

I did have my days messed up though. This happened on Thursday afternoon 8/4, not Friday as I mention in the video. (What can I say, it was a whirlwind and when you work from home, all the days run together LOL!)

And not for the faint of heart...but the bone did break the skin. When Jared found her there was blood spouting out of her arm, but he didn't even know what had happened, to know that there was a broken bone, that had penetrated, so it took a while for us to put all the pieces together.  Verdict- broken radius and ulna
I am grateful that there was not am obvious bone sticking out, GOSH!! Can you imagine?! You would have had to pick me up off the ground at that point! But the bone did pop through and then go back in and therefore she had a puncture wound. The bleeding stopped, but it did cause her to go into shock from the trauma, blood loss, etc. Very scary to say the least.
If you don't want to see pics, stop scrolling LOL. But some of ya'll have asked so here you go. I know it could have been sooooooo much worse. We are so blessed!
View from the front, mildly deformed, but not too bad.
View from behind, mild deformity about mid way down her forearm.

Being so brave, but not too sure about all this!

Fractures radius and ulna.

the puncture point. All cleaned up.

After the cast was placed. They had to slit it on top and bottom to allow for swelling. Mommy was giving daddy and update on the phone :) 

All fixed up and finally able to take off that collar!

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