Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Finding hope in the hard...

In the interest of keeping it real and to dispel any notion that my life is all 🦄’s and 🌈’s...

By 7:04 this morning I was ready to make a Ben and Jerry’s run, take up residence on the couch and get my Netflix Binge on for the rest of the day. 

I don’t even know but lately life is just kicking my butt. 

I feel like these expectations of perfection I continually put on myself coupled with my constant need to “fix” everything and everyone are slowly suffocating me.  

—I’m never enough. 
Somewhere along the line, my perception has been tainted. Blurred by these unrealistic expectations I’ve inhabited from comparing myself to everyone else’s highlight reel on social media.  

But let’s face it. That’s not reality. Reality is the everyday. 

You know? 
When those intentions of waking up at dawn to crush your workout actually result in you pressing snooze all the way up to the minute you have to wake the kids to get ready for school. Then, frantically you pick out outfits from clean clothes piles that never got put away. Oh and we can’t forget the daily occurrence of looking for matching socks (matching socks is overrated if you ask me lol.) Breakfast? You mean these humans need fed too?(sigh) 
Well that means I will need to wash some spoons that are still in the sink among the rest of last night’s dinner dishes... because we are down to like 6 spoons total in the silverware drawer (don’t ask, I have no idea where they go either😳). Then your tween boy remembers he actually DID have homework 3 minutes before it’s time to leave the house, but when you asked him right after school on yesterday, he said he didn’t have any.  Oh and the kid’s agendas still need signed?  That will have to be done on the road. School drop-off means I’m still in my yoga pants and baggy tee, sans makeup and rocking a messy bun for the win.  Back home to sweep the floor, load the dishwasher and restart the dryer to fluff the clothes (for the 3rd time🙈). Might as well rewash the load that’s in the washer too, cause they’re a bit musty by now. 
And it goes on and on...and on. 
That’s the norm, that’s real. 

Can you relate? 

Why do I feel so burnt out? 
And then it hit me. I cannot do this life on my own and those times when I’m trying to? I realize, I kinda stink at it... I always end up right back here > Worn out. Frustrated. Emotionally drained. 

You know that saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” well I’m running on fumes I’m afraid. 

I need a refill. 
But not self serve, pay at the pump, style. 
Only full service will do. 
The one where you sit back and relax while He refuels you. 

Maybe you’re there too? Rolling into the fuel station on “E,” praying you’ll make it. 

The truth is, there are burdens only God can carry. If we refuse to lay them down,  we will remain in that perpetual state of overwhelm and exhaustion. 

It won’t be easy. This means we’re going to have to take off that superMom cape for awhile.  It’s gonna be like “exercise” for our faith. Just like with our fitness, over time, it will get easier. Instead of pity, we’ll turn to prayer. We will dig into the Word.  And our perspective will change. All of a sudden we’ll realize we’re not stuck in the woes of that valley anymore...we’re standing on the mountaintop! 

It will have been worth the climb.

Friend, please know if you’re struggling and feel like a failure,  you are not alone. 

Here’s my prayer for you today...
May you choose rest. Give yourself grace. 
Allow him restore your spirit and refuel your soul. His blessings are new each morning. 

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